Highland Hall Waldorf School – Academics and the Arts


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Can you imagine a school where your child is taught two languages? Or spends two years in elementary school learning to play the cello and another two learning the clarinet? That’s the Highland Hall Waldorf School difference (grades Nursery – 12).


Highland Hall was the first Waldorf School in the Western United States and will celebrate its 60th Anniversary next year. At the cornerstone of its success is its unique curriculum that is academically rigorous while also incorporating the arts. “It’s a testament to the fact that what we do works, and we’re here to stay,” said Marketing and Outreach Director Meredith Cornelius.

The private school campus is located on 11 beautiful acres in Northridge where kids can spend time outdoors learning organic farming, gymnastics, circus arts, and other forms of physical activity.


There are no textbooks at Highland Hall. Students are taught through story and lecture and create their own lesson books, complete with writings and illustrations, for core subjects like math, science, and history.

Being taught this way touches on all senses of the learning process – auditory, sensory, motor, etc. – and information is deeply retained. They also learn hands-on skills like knitting and woodworking.

Highland Hall preps kids for college, and for life. Children are taught to think analytically and creatively. Highland Hall Waldorf School graduates go on to the colleges of their choice and become the next great innovators, inventors, and celebrated artists. Cornelius said, “They’re true Renaissance people.”

If you’d like more information about Highland Hall’s Nursery through High School program, call 818-349-1394 or visit the Highland Hall website’s contact page.



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