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Hot Guys Are Awesome; Don’t Pretend You Don’t Think So

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Hello, my name is Mary Kay and I like to look at photos of handsome men.

I’d like to begin by saying I don’t think this is a bad thing, an illness, or something that needs to be fixed. I don’t need therapy or an intervention. I am happily married, a mother of two beautiful girls, and a woman who thinks men are gorgeous and amazing.

I own and produce an iPhone app called Daily Hot Guy. Every day we deliver a new, original photo of a sexy gent. All images are safe for work, editorial in nature, and nothing you wouldn’t see in a GQ magazine. Still too saucy for a working mom to create? According to the masses, yes.

Recently we launched a Daily Hot Guy model search with popchips, which we are very excited about. When I reached out to friends and family to pass it around and spread the word, people were embarrassed and concerned that having something about “hot guys” associated with their Facebook may get them in trouble. Trouble with whom? Look, if your husband or family thinks you live a sexless life of nothing but cleaning toilets and blissfully folding laundry, they are on crack. You can tell them I said that.

When men talk about the female form and how glorious it is, it is accepted. When I talk about the six pack on Joe Manganiello and what I would do if I ever go my hands on it, I suddenly become a terrible person. A bad mother. A horrible wife. A contributor to the destruction of America…

No kidding on the last one, by the way, because gay men ALSO look at hot guys, so automatically the whole gay thing is my problem too. I should add that I love and appreciate the gay support, so take that, haters.

I apologize, I digress.

My point, was this–ladies, I am happy to stand up here and take the fall for all the things you do behind closed doors when you think no one is looking, but you are only hurting yourself. The pages of Men’s Health you stare at a little too long, or the amount of times you watch YouTube trailers of “Magic Mike” does not define you–it does not mean you are not the PTA president, wife of the year, or the corporate powerhouse you like to be. All it means is that you are confident and powerful enough to admit that you have an inner passion and you aren’t afraid to use it. You know what you like, when you like it, and HOW.

I don’t know any man who wouldn’t want to be married to that woman. Am I right?

Find Mary Kay and her beautiful men over at The Daily Hot Guy.


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  1. Jennifer 10 September, 2012 at 08:57 Reply

    This morning on the drive to school, I told my teen and tween that Ryan Reynolds married Blake Lively, followed up with some sort of “hotchie motchie” sound. They were SO embarrassed. But Ryan Reynolds – I mean, come ON. 🙂

  2. Mary Kay Holmes 10 September, 2012 at 13:59 Reply

    Ryan Reynolds is smokin’ hot, so good for you. If I had a dime for every time I thought about his abs, I’d be a rich woman.

    p.s. Apparently my site was one of the Go Daddy sites hacked today–what a terrible day for it to be down! Come by and visit once they have resolved it. Lots of hot abs. 🙂

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