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7 Tips for Eating Healthy on Vacation

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It's never easy to eat healthy on vacation so here are 7 tips to help you make good choices.

It seems like every other weekend lately I’ve had a work or family trip. These trips have made eating healthy more challenging because I’m having a hard time making good choices while I’m on the road. Plus, I’m going on an anniversary trip to Paris and London with my husband soon (cheese! bread! wine!). That’s why I asked Celebrity Dietician Ashley Koff RD for Tips on How to Eat Healthy on Vacation.

Sarah and I are at the beginning of a 9-month challenge to make better choices called the Make Better Challenge where for 9-months we focus on better fitness and nutrition. We’re working with Ashley and Fitness Expert Holly Perkins, (who gave us tips on how to work out while on vacation).

Ashley’s tips for eating healthy on vacation:

1) Pack nutrient balanced travel options – The biggest downfalls actually occur on travel days when you’re trying to avoid exhaustion from travel which starts a caffeine/sugar cycle. Pack nutrient-balanced travel options which include nuts, seeds, bars, and ideally bring a good meal with you for for the plane.

2) Don’t get dehydrated – Make sure to drink plenty of water and consider traveling with Ultima Replenisher or powdered coconut water to stay hydrated.

3) Keep regular – But not with fiber – use magnesium (Natural Calm) on your flight and at night to make sure you keep your body’s muscles relaxed and moving.

4) Stay nutrient-balanced & practice portion control – You can have anything you want if you don’t have too much of it (as long as it’s good quality). You will keep your energy levels in check with nutrient-balanced eating. If you want the bread and cheese (1 portion) also have veggies with it, not a pastry or a pasta.

5) Veggies! Make sure to get them in as often as possible.

6) Bring healthy snacks to eat between meals – If you have a healthy snack, you won’t be  starving when you do sit down to a meal or order something you wouldn’t normally order because you’re so hungry.

7) Alcohol is a dessert – If you want to have a glass of wine, then you’ll need to keep to dessert to just a couple of bites.

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