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iD Tech – Camps for Kids 6 to 18

This is a sponsored post

My boys have been going to iD Tech camp at UCLA for years and they love it. In fact, they just asked me if they’re going again this year. When I asked them why they want to go, I got a some thoughtful answers from my 11 and 13-yearold.

iD Tech Summer Camp

They learn something every year that they then use in real life. They have taken classes in minecraft modding, java coding and scratch programming. My older son learned Arduino, which is an open-source electronics platform and my younger son learned how to make his own video game (that starred our dog!). They’ve used their new skills when playing video games, doing work on their computer and at school.

It’s always interesting. I know this because they do not complain before they have to go. It’s a long day – 9 to 5 – and longer if you do sleep away camp. Even with the long hours, they’re always excited to be there and exhausted when they come home. There are courses for everyone. Girls and boys ages 6 to 18 can learn game design, app development, robotics and video production. iD Tech also offers Alexa Café, which is for girls ages 10 to 15.

The instructors are engaging and knowledgeable. My kids would not have a problem letting me know if their instructor weren’t doing a good job or being kind to them. They’ve only had good things to say about their instructors. The ratio is 8 students to 1 instructor. Instructors are high level undergrad students, grad students or industry professionals. 

The food is good. Another thing they talk about enthusiastically is the food. For an extra cost, kids can eat in the UCLA dining hall. Every day of camp, they would come home and tell me what they had for lunch and how they decided what to eat. Best of all, I don’t have to make their lunch.

It’s on a college campus. My boys didn’t say this one, but I think it’s good for them to find out what life is like at college. All of the 150 iD Tech camps are on college campuses including Harvard, Yale and Stanford.

If you’d like more information about pricing and locations, visit

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with iD Tech. I have paid for my kids to go to day camp there before we started working with them and after. All opinions are my own. 

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Yvonne Condes

Saturday 20th of May 2017

Oh! Are you doing sleep away? I really wanted H to take youtube video production, but it's sold out the weeks we need.


Saturday 20th of May 2017

Love ID Tech. Bodhi took 3D printing last year at UNC. He loved it. Unfortunately, in AZ, it's only available at ASU. This year, I was willing to travel with him again so that he can attend the camp. He wanted to take Cyber Security, but he's too young.