My boys are tired of hearing this story, but I learned how to swim by being pushed into the pool. We moved into a house that had a pool when I was 5. There were no swim lessons and no floaties. Just some talk about how I needed to get to the side of the pool. It was a test and you know that I passed because I’m here to tell the tale.

Fast forward too many years to count and my younger son, who is 7 but is still my baby, was having his survival test at Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy. Both of my sons had had swim lessons every summer for many years. They can swim, but I wanted to be sure that they were confident swimmers so if we went to a friends house with a pool I wouldn’t have to worry about one of them falling in.

My boys were offered free lessons from the academy and because I had heard such great things about it we decided to give it a try. The academy was started by former Olympian Lenny Krayzelburg.

My boys loved it from the very beginning. First, they had an assessment to determine what their abilities were in the water – they were both about in the middle. They could swim, but weren’t ready to go join a swim team.

They were given a swim cap and a book so they could log what skills they mastered every week. After kids master a skill, they get a sticker for their book. I wasn’t sure at first how much my boys would gain each week because the lessons are short, but after watching the instructors teach, I got it. They are very efficient and my boys learned something during every lesson.

But what I was most interested in was the survival test. The kids are not just taught how to swim and to master the strokes they’re learning, but also what to do if they fall in the pool. LKSA uses the SwimRight method where they learn the swim, float, swim.

In the video below, my 7-year-old son first learns how to turn over onto his back. Weeks later, he graduated to jumping in the pool, swimming to the side, and pulling himself out. When it was time for his survival test, he was asked to meet his instructor by the pool. He wasn’t told what would happen next, but watch the video to see how he does.

I won’t sugar coat it; he was mad and crying that he was thrown in the pool, but to me it was worth it. He was mad, shocked and crying, but he was able to swim to the side of the pool. I don’t have to worry what will happen if he falls in the pool because I saw what would happen. He was over it by the time he got his achievement stickers for his book.

We had such a good experience, and my boys learned so much in such a short time at Lenny Krayzelburg, that they are going to continue having swim lessons now that our free trial has run out.

Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy offers lessons year-round at two locations in Los Angeles
Westside JCC
5870 Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
P# (323) 525-0323

22622 Vanowen St.
West Hills, CA 91307
P# (818) 464-3315

This was not a sponsored post, but my two sons were given swim lesson. However, my opinions are my own. 





  1. Nicole 19 November, 2012 at 10:08 Reply

    The most enjoyable part of my summer was going to my daughter’s swim lesson every day. The progress she made and the happiness it brought her, the whole experience was amazing and I highly recommend it for all parents to look into.!

  2. Pattie Cordova 20 November, 2012 at 09:57 Reply

    whoa… thrown into the pool! Literally sink or swim, right? Thanks for the reminder that my kids need swim lessons. My kid is almost 5 now and I would love for him to know how to swim before the summer.

  3. Sharlene 20 November, 2012 at 23:23 Reply

    Watching my kids pass their survival test fully clothed last summer was such a great moment. I felt like I could finally exhale while they were near a pool.

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