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Paid Trial For Breastfeeding Moms

We are working with Village Marketing to find moms for a compensated in-home trial of a new breast pump.
Paid trial for nursing moms

Like many moms, I had the hardest time nursing my first child. I spent the first several months of his life pumping and nursing hoping it would get easier (which, thankfully, it eventually did). I bought the only breast pump I found at the store, but I wish I had had more choices. There is a new breast pump on its way to market that could be the answer to many moms prayers’.

You are invited to participate in a limited access trial program. 


We are working with Village Marketing and a new brand  (that we can’t yet mention) to invite moms on a limited basis to participate in an in-home trial with a not-yet-launched breakthrough breast pump! Unlike many breast pumps – this one is truly mobile and hands free with no external cords or tubes.

They are giving qualified MomsLA Moms access to this product before it is available to the public. They want to hear your valuable feedback throughout the pilot so they can create the best possible product for moms. You will also receive compensation (in addition to access to this pump) in exchange for about 30 minutes of your time each week to answer some questions and tell them about your experience.


  1. Must be breastfeeding/pumping from approximately October 26, 2016 – end of January, 2017 and be willing to participate in the pilot for that duration
  2. If pregnant, baby should arrive by October 15th, 2016
  3. Must have an iPhone 5 or later version


After a brief qualification survey, they will let you know if they can confirm your spot in the program. Please note, spaces are limited. Good luck!

This is a sponsored post. MomsLA is helping Village Marketing find moms for a compensated in-home trial of a new breast pump. 



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