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Pitfire Pizza: Local SoCal Chain a Hit w/ Foodies

Hand Chopped Salad at Pitfire Pizza

Paul Hibler opened the first Pitfire Pizza location in North Hollywood in 1997 and I ate there way back when, in the Time Before Kids. Pitfire has since expanded with restaurants in West LA, Culver City/Mar Vista, Downtown, West Hollywood, and coming soon: Costa Mesa and Manhattan Beach. The food is terrific, with a clear commitment to the foodie culture, but in addition, there’s a commitment to the atmosphere of each restaurant and the sense that all are welcome, especially families.

Pitfire Pizza Culver City Mar Vista locationIt’s worth noting as well that Pitfire is approved for our #MakeBetter challenge, since they embody “Qualitarian” mentality in the food they prepare & serve. Everything is fresh and the menu changes seasonally, for example with squash blossom pizza, one of my favorites, only available in Summer, or the brussel sprout and bacon pizza for the Fall.

I recently had a lovely lunch at Pitfire’s Culver City/Mar Vista location, and I can only describe the deliciousness to you – you’ll have to taste it for yourself.

Here’s what I ate:

The Hand Chopped Salad, made with beautiful lettuces, garbanzo and cannellini beans, cherry tomatoes and red onions. All good and my favorites, super crunchy in the green department and creamy/chewy in the bean department.Hand Chopped Salad at Pitfire Pizza

Farmer’s Market Plate, which that day included grilled zucchini and yellow squash, fingerling potatoes, a red quinoa salad with Feta cheese and grape tomatoes with burrata. I can’t say enough good things about burrata, and red quinoa is my favorite kind of quinoa, with a chewier texture – sort of meatier than regular quinoa, although that’s not really the exact right word for it…Farmer's Market Plate at Pitfire Pizza

Close-up of grape tomatoes with burrata cheese at Pitfire Pizza Farmer's Market Plate

Close-up of grape tomatoes with burrata cheese

close-up of quinoa salad with Feta Pitfire Pizza Farmer's Market plate

close-up of quinoa salad with Feta

Squash Blossom Pizza, need I say more? Can you just about taste the goat cheese? So delish.Squash blossom pizza Pitfire

The Pitfire Smothered Cookie (Soft Serve Ice Cream on a Chocolate Chip Cookie w/ Chocolate sauce drizzle)

Pitfire smothered cookie dessert chocolate chip cookie covered in soft serve ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce

And no, for the record, this isn’t on the #MakeBetter Challenge Plan – but I only had one bite. So there.

Look at all the colors! So much freshness and it’s all amazingly delicious. I love coming here with my family because my kids get a healthy, handmade pizza – or spaghetti with meatballs, a fave, and I can get something I really want to eat, as opposed to having to order a salad made with iceberg lettuce.

Plus there is a great selection of wines to choose from, including a terrific housemade Sangria, although I didn’t have any at lunch… And my son loves the totally-only-for-a-treat Red Pop soda they carry.

Hibler’s background was in Film Catering, as the owner of Deluxe, and I ate plenty of his meals during my days in the Movie industry. He’s since expanded his operations beyond just the growing Pitfire chain with the founding of American Gonzo Food Corporation and the opening of Superba Snack Bar in Venice this Summer.

{I was treated to lunch at Pitfire in order to write this review. All opinions are my own.}



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