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Reserve App Review + Dinner at Salt Air in Venice

dinner at Salt Air in Venice collage

Reserve is a new App that helps you make reservations at restaurants and even helps you pay the bill. Well, it doesn’t pay the bill for you, but if you use the App, you won’t be asked to pay the bill at the restaurant; it will be taken care of via your mobile device.

I tried out the App recently and I was impressed. It was convenient and it introduced me to a restaurant I’d not heard of: Salt Air in Venice. Reserve is giving away a $50 Reserve Credit and we have a promo code for $20 Reserve Credit, too. Sweet!

First Screen Reserve App


I will grant you that it’s not a huge inconvenience in life to make dinner reservations, but it can be time-consuming. And if you’re like me, and you don’t remember to make reservations until 11pm when the restaurant is closed, Reserve is the answer to your problem. Open the App, click the number of diners, the approximate time you want to dine, and of course choose the spot – and you’ll get a text and an email when your reservations are set.

The bonus convenience factor, which is especially great for people with small children who get antsy at the end of a meal (or was that just mine?): payment is handled via the credit card you add to your account profile, so when your meal is finished, you’re free to go.

Restaurant List in Reserve App

Easy to Use

Reserve has a stylish look, and I found it very easy and intuitive to use. It’s still pretty new, and the list of restaurants so far in LA may be small, but they are pretty fabulous. Besides Salt Air, I could have chosen from a list that includes 41 Ocean, A-Frame, Bestia, BOA Steakhouse, Church & State, Hinoki & the Bird, Lucques, Picca, Tar & Roses, among others.

dinner at Salt Air in Venice collageSalt Air

We had a rare night when my youngest son was away on a sleepover, which meant my husband and I could treat our nearly-16-year-old son to a special dinner out. We chose Salt Air in Venice since the menu looked terrific, and the menu didn’t lie: the food was really inventive and delicious. We were very happy with our meal and I would love to come back for a round of cocktails at their sleek bar one day.

But for any restaurants that require reservations, I’ll be using Reserve from now on. Reserve is available for both iPhone and Android, and is currently providing reservations in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Reserve is giving away $50 Reserve Credit for first-time users of the App. And if you use our Promo Code MomsLA, you’ll receive a $20 Reserve Credit.

To enter the giveaway –

  1. Download the Reserve app (App Store or Google Play Store).
  2. Create an account.
  3. Enter code “MOMSLA

You will automatically get a $20 credit when you use the MomsLA code and, if you download the app between 8 a.m. Tuesday, May 26 and 5 p.m. June 3, you will automatically be entered for a chance to win an additional $50 credit. (One $50 credit will be given away by Reserve App.)

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of She was given a credit with Reserve in order to try it for this review.



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