Tips for Visiting Cars Land at Disney California Adventure

cars land cavern

I’m a Disney fan and my family loves visiting the parks however my kids can only take so many lines and so much wait time before the whining begins.  With the opening of Cars Land in June and particularly the popular Radiator Springs Racers ride, wait time is inevitable but here are a few parent-tested tips to make your day smoother.

cars land cavern

Tips to Save Your Sanity

1.  Avoid visiting on days that have early admission hours.  On these days, Disneyland Resort hotel guests can enter the park one hour before opening.  This means that even if you arrive at opening time there will already be a line for Radiator Springs Racers.  Check the daily calendar for early admission days.

2.  Arrive before the park opens.  Guests are allowed into California Adventure thirty minutes before opening and they start queuing up behind a rope for the mad dash, aka fast walk, to Radiator Springs Racers.

3.  Know where to find the Fast Pass for Radiator Springs; it’s not by the ride, it’s between Carthay Circle Theater and Bug’s Land (soon to be replaced by Marvel Land in 2019).

4.  If your kids are seven years or older and you don’t mind being split up, use the single rider line for Radiator Springs Racers; it can cut your wait time in half.  Note:  Disney staff will ask your child, not the parent, their age to verify if they qualify for single rider.

5.  Use a ride planning tool to schedule your day.  After hearing rave reviews about RideMax I gave it a go.  I downloaded the program, plugged in the rides and the lunch break I wanted, answered a couple of questions and it gave me a schedule for the day.  It took all the stress out of figuring out which ride to go on in what order and there was no whining about whose ride we went on first. At $16.95 for a ninety day subscription this is completely worth it if you can stay on a schedule.

6.  Consider spending a second day at Disneyland if you want to visit both parks.  Before the expansion at Disney California Adventure it was easy to drop in for a couple of rides and then go back to Disneyland, now it’s a little more challenging and you may not want to leave California Adventure midday!

Kristi received complimentary admission to California Adventure and access to RideMax for review purposes but all opinions are her own.  Photo by Kristi Marcelle. Kristi was not compensated for this post.

Kristi Marcelle is a travel writer and regular contributor at Ciao Bambino. She loves planning travel adventures with her family, a good glass of wine at the whining hour and the Green Bay Packers. Follow her on Twitter.






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