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Guide to Private Schools in Los Angeles

Private Schools, also known as Independent Schools, are popular in Los Angeles as an alternative to public school. Private Schools can offer rigorous academics and different educational philosophies and curriculum, and many parents value the low Student Teacher Ratio and unique opportunities that often go along with that tuition payment.

Los Angeles is home to many top-notch Private and Parochial Schools, ranging from K-12 schools, Schools that span Elementary and Middle School, those that span Middle School and High School, and High Schools. Private Schools are often seen as a direct route to an Ivy League education, and in fact, most are known as Prep Schools. Take a look at our list of Private Schools in Los Angeles as you make your choice about where to send your kids.

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Looking for tips on how to choose the right Private School? Plus, read one Los Angeles Mom’s account of why she chose a Private School for her child. And check out Beyond the Brochure to find out more about Los Angeles Private Schools.

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