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Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles With Kids For Spring Break

Spring break is around the corner and it can be hard to figure out what to do with your family, especially if you want to keep things budget friendly. Here are some fun and creative ideas to spend spring break with your families!

parent throwing a toddler in the air in a pool

Pool Party

Pool time fun is awesome for kids whether you are at a 5-star hotel, in your own backyard or at a friend’s house. You can even go get some new pool toys or extras that you would normally find at a hotel or vacation spot. Invite a few friends, make fun snacks/drinks, and plan a relaxing day of swimming with your little ones. Mixing in new and fresh themes will make this pool day(s) super fun for your little ones and their friends. If you don’t have your own pool or know anyone with a pool, check out Great Wolf Lodge in Buena Park. It’s a huge indoor waterpark, perfect for all ages (you must book a room in order to enjoy the water park). Or check out year round, indoor water parks near you by clicking here and here.

Camping Trip

If you can’t get out of Los Angeles to go to the mountains, plan a fun camping trip in Malibu Creek State Park!  It’s only an hour’s drive away and once you are there, it is so beautiful and remote. You can stay for one night or several nights knowing you’re a short drive away from home. There’s also a beautiful hiking trail and pools at the end that the whole family can picnic next to or go for a quick dip in. This is the perfect place to bring kids who want to try camping for the first time. There are bathrooms, bbq pits, showers, and very safe flat areas for smaller children to play.

Play Tourist

Los Angeles is one of the most incredible cities in the world with SO MUCH to do and so many fun pockets of culture and charm. Choose a city or town and play tourist for the day. You can even tie a fun theme together and explore several areas over the break too. Some recommendations are: Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Venice Beaches (rent bicycles and see both in one day!), Old Town Pasadena, Westwood, Old Town & Thousand Step Beach in Laguna, and finally, the classic Hollywood & Vine neighborhood. Rediscovering your city will be a fun and  budget friendly way to spend spring break with your kids.

Visit new Museums

There are so many museums in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. Try visiting one that you haven’t seen or perhaps visit a totally different city and check out their museums! Sometimes it’s hard to come up with an agenda or specific plans for the day, but a museum can offer everything you need in one space: exploration, interactive pieces, cafe pit stop, clean bathrooms (for mamas with little ones) and so many other family friendly perks. If you have more than one child and aren’t sure what to do for spring break, this might be the best for kids of all ages and learning levels. Museums to try: Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena, Peterson Auto Museum, Natural History Museum in downtown LA, The Broad in downtown LA, or the California Space Center in Beverly Hills. Check out our post of the Best Kid-Friendly Museums in Los Angeles.

And Finally…Visit Theme Parks!  Plan a day or two to see Universal Studios, Disneyland, California Adventure, Knotts, Legoland, or some fun indoor play areas (for little ones) like Pretend City Museum or Great Wolf Lodge (the indoor water park mentioned above). You can even make it a staycation by staying at a local hotel and spending two consecutive days at the park or taking advantage of the hotel pool one day.

Spring break is just around the corner! Happy Planning for you and your family.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.